Name: GID Munny
Artist: Tristan Eaton & Paul Budnitz
Manufacturer: Kidrobot
Features: Posable arms and swiveling head. This blank DIY figure is made for customizing. Comes with nametag, coloring book and one of three sets of four accessories. Four versions of this figure have been released through the years, with the accessories and coloring books changing each time. The second version's books were by Andrew Bell, Tokidoki and Persue. The third version's books were by Chris Lee, iLovedust and Mad Barbarians. One of the fourth version's books were by Jon Burgerman. Caution: The arms of the first version are difficult to remove.

Original accessories for the first version included a crown, banana, dynamite stick, poop, TV, pan, hockey stick, glasses, cellphone, or hat. Future versions added a bowtie, bear, beard, bomb, cape, carrot, club, cowboy hat, crayon, dagger, film canister, lightning bolt, lollipop, mug, mushroom, ray gun, skateboard, spoon, stack of money, suitcase, sword, throwing star, toupee, TV, dunny ears toupee, wings and wrench. This may be an incomplete list.

Quantity: N/A
Size: 7"
Year: 2005
Retail: $29.99

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